How to Write and Publish a Book in One Week

Season holidays are just about to begin and if you want to write and publish a book in just one week, let us tell you something;

Yes, you can actually pull it off.  

If you want to build your career as an author, one of the best things you can do is self-publish a book during the holiday

By self-publishing, you will not only be publishing your first novel but also start your career and earn a decent income. 

You might wonder how it is even possible to publish an entire book in seven days. 

Let us assure you that the self-publishing part will take 30 minutes to 1 hour; on the rest of the days, focus on writing, editing, and formatting your book.

Today we will share with you how exactly you can write and self-publish a book in one week. 

What Kind of Book Can You Self-Publish in One Week?

Our method works exceptionally well for non-fiction books but can also be used to publish fiction and novels. 

Why is it best suited for non-fiction books? Simply because they require less creative writing and more information, data, examples, and statistics. You don’t have to think of a storyline, invent a plot, create characters, and write alluring dialogues. 

If you pick a subject that you already know well, consider that your book is 40% written.

You can self-publish a book as a paperback, eBook, or hardcover with Writat, the fastest book publishing platform which distributes a book across 40K network channels for a huge audience. 

How to Write and Publish a Book in One Week?

Day 1: Assess Your Ideas and Create Book’s Outline 

Choose a quiet, distraction-free place, open your Google Docs – the best writing partner for an author, and jot down the list of things you know about your chosen subject. 

This will help you to outline your book title, cover, and chapters. 

Tip: Choose 3 – 4 subjects that other people are interested in your industry and prioritize them from easiest to hardest to write in terms of hands-on knowledge and time to fact-check and research. 

Your day 1’s aim should be getting your ideas out of your head into your word document. 

You can choose the title later, probably after finishing your first chapter or the entire book. Don’t worry about it on the first day. 

Today will probably be the most difficult day of your self-publishing journey. In the beginning, you may feel vague and loose about it, but stay focused on getting out as many chapter ideas as possible. 

How to Progress….

As you jot down more and more ideas, you will notice the book’s theme eventually taking shape. 

You will see certain ideas and topics standing out and recurring more than others. 

For instance, while writing a marketing & management book, if you see your ideas inclining toward team building, leadership, and project management, that’s your cue. 

Use this opportunity to remove irrelevant topics and ideas or club certain topics or ideas into one chapter. 

By the end of the day, you should have 10 – 12 chapters and a rough sketch of the order in which you want to present the information. 

For instance, for the marketing & management book, you might want an introduction, then a chapter about the importance of teams and teamwork in project management, then how to be a leader, and probably a section on the unique qualities of a leader, and so on, but you get the idea.

Remember to organize the format of your book logically. 

Day 2: Research and Gather Information

Devote the next three days to gathering resources and writing your book.

Until you have the book’s outline, you cannot be certain what resources you will require to finish the book. A blueprint of the book will ensure you don’t have fifty tabs open on your laptop screen.

You can gather information from your social media followers, existing customers, and potential customers through a simple email survey or the traditional way: call and find out. 

Depending upon your network, you may get one response or fifty. While it may not work 100% during the holidays, there’s no harm in trying this out. 

However, taking feedback from your connections will help you include information they are interested in. 

Besides, Google, library, personal experiences, and real-life experiences shared by friends, peers, and family will give you enough content for your book. 

Days 3 and 4: Write, Write, and Write

Prep up mentally to spend the next two days writing and completing your book with complete dedication. 

Since you will convert your book into a printable format, we recommend writing the manuscript in a Google Document.

While we don’t reprimand our beloved Microsoft Word (we, too, use it many times a day), Google Docs has some unique abilities to help writers streamline their editorial workflow. There are many features that are free on Google Docs but expensive on MS Word. 

  • It is cloud-based, meaning you can access your book on any device with an active internet connection. 
  • You can share your script with anyone on any device as .docx, .pdf, .odt, .txt, .epub, .rft, and zipped. 
  • Bookmark your document for easy scrolling. 
  • When driving, use Voice Typing to write your book instead of using your fingers and keyboard. 
  • Enabling Offline Mode allows you to write your book without the internet. 
  • Search the internet with Google Explore Tool in Google Docs for inspiration and ideas. 

Click here to read why Google Docs has won the hearts of millions of authors in recent times. 

Pre-publishing Tips on How to Write and Publish a Book in Two-Three Days

You should do this exercise before starting your 7-day book publishing regimen to have a good sense of timing. 

  • Pick any day or time
  • Write a chapter of a book or topic. A prologue will also do
  • Log the time it takes you to complete the chapter from start to finish
  • You will have a good idea of how long a chapter takes to write

Once you have a sense of timing, you can pick a suitable timetable to ensure your book finishes in time. For instance, if it takes one day to write six chapters, you would know you need three days to complete a book with 15 chapters. 

That way, you can speed up other work, such as completing the book’s outline and gathering the resources in one day. 

Or, you could extend the schedule to one more day to accommodate the situation. 

Day 5: Edit Professionally

The hardest part of self-publishing a book in one week is editing. 

Editing requires reading and re-reading the book several times. If your book is 100+ pages, we suggest editing it in parts or chunks, like editing the manuscript on day 5, checking for grammar issues on day 6, and proofreading on day 7. 

Edit until the last moment, till you export the manuscript and paste it on Writat’s book publishing template. 

Our publishing consultants have written some fantastic blogs on how to edit a book like a professional for self-publishing. 

You can read them here (how to edit with Grammarly) and here (How to edit from an editor’s perspective).

Pro Tip: After finishing your book, remember to give your brain at least 8 to 10 hours of rest before beginning the editing process. 

If you can hire an editor and convince them to edit your book in a day, nothing like it.  

If you don’t have one, get a full night’s sleep, relax your mind, allow it to decompress from writing rigorously, and then start editing out part by part. 

Day 6: Design Your Book Cover and Format Your Book

It is time to complete the final lap of your book – creating the cover of your book and setting up a promotional campaign. 

We don’t know about those authors who self-publish a book on other platforms, but creating a book cover with Writat is the most non-intimidating thing in the book publishing process. 

We have 500+ free cover design templates and amazing resources to help you design a book cover like a pro in less than half an hour. 

And have you heard about Canva? Yes? You are all set!

No? Well, you must read this blog: The Power of Canva for Self-Publishing Authors – The Best and Free Book Designing Tool.

If you don’t know how to format a book, we have you covered. There’s an insanely easy tool that will allow you to format and self-publish a book at the same time. It is called Writat. 

We cannot emphasize how easy and simple the process is. 

All you have to do is download a template from the platform, copy and paste the content you’re your manuscript, and convert it into a PDF file format. 

Day 7: Self-Publish a Book 

Once you have the final version of your book, self-publish it on Writat. You can publish it in hardcover, eBook, and paperback versions in less than one hour. 

As a writer, you’d want the best for your book and would definitely seek a book publishing company that could take care of your book distribution and printing. 

Writat gives you a plethora of opportunities to publish and distribute your book.

Advanced technologies like Print-on-Demand, eBook publishing, Amazon Prime Benefits, Free ISBN generation, and pre-set templates and cover designs allow you to publish, promote, distribute, and sell your book internationally. 

Read how Writat is different from other book publishing platforms Here. You can also find information related to self-publishing a book here.  

And when you are convinced and ready, click here to self-publish a book. 

We’d love to know what you are writing on. For any questions on how to write and publish a book in one week, contact us anytime.

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