Google Docs for Writing Books – Benefits Every Author Should Know

Google Docs is versatile, free, flexible, and fast to process. This blog discusses the benefits of Google Docs for writing books for Authors.

As a self-publishing writer, it could be confusing to decide between the two mega word processing software – Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Many writers wonder whether free-to-use Google Docs is the right choice. Since it is free, there must be something wrong, after all? 

While Microsoft Word has been the popular choice for writers worldwide for several decades, Google Docs has won hearts in recent times with its versatile features, flexibility, efficiency, speed, and WYSIWYG system that even Microsoft cannot match (unfortunately). 

And, just because something is cost-free, that doesn’t mean it cannot be incredibly efficient. 

  • It is cloud-based, meaning you can access your book on any device with an active internet connection. 
  • You can share your script to any one, on any device as .docx, .pdf, .odt, .txt, .epub, .rft, and zipped. 
  • Bookmark your document for easy scrolling. 
  • When driving, use Voice Typing to write your book instead of using your fingers and keyboard. 
  • Enabling Offline Mode allows you to write your book without the internet too. 
  • Search the internet with Google Explore Tool in Google Docs for inspiration and ideas. 
  • It is completely FREE like Writat – No subscription fee, no sign-up cost, no hidden charges.

Should You Use Google Docs to Write Your Book? 

While there is no right or wrong way to write a book, the answer is a big ‘Yes.’

The word processor you choose plays a good role in your book publishing process. While we don’t reprimand our beloved Microsoft Word (we, too, use it many times a day), Google Docs has some amazing abilities to help writers streamline their editorial workflow. There are many features that are free on Google Docs but expensive on MS Word. 

In fact, you not only can access manuscripts written on Google Docs but also edit Microsoft Word files on Docs.

One of the most useful features of Google Docs is it saves every version of your book file from the very first day. You can quickly view, edit, rollback, and save a previous version. 

It integrates with other aspects of Google, like Chrome Extensions, to offer everything you need to write your book.

Let’s look at the benefits of Google Docs every book publishing writer should know.

Benefits of Google Docs for Self-Publishing Writers 

It is Compatible with Our Beloved Microsoft Word

If you have written half of your book in Word Document, you can easily open it on Google Docs with Chrome Extension and continue editing the book on Google Docs without affecting its format. You can also convert and download your MS Word File into Google Docs and vice-versa without changing the file format. 

Organize Your Book Chapter with Table of Contents Tool

With the Table of Contents tool, you can easily find and revisit a chapter or section for editing. All you have to do is go to Insert on the toolbar and select Table of Contents. Choose your desired option and continue working on your book. 

As you add chapters, the Tool will automatically create entries on your Contents with page numbers. You can also add blue links if you wish to find a specific section of your document.

Talk and Your Book Will Be Written

Do you have an idea for your next eBook or a sequence to end your romance novel perfectly? But are you driving in the middle of a highway? Good news, you can record your thoughts and make Google Docs transcribe them on a document with the Voice Typing Feature. Voice Typing is one of the coolest and most helpful accessibility tools available on Google Docs. 

You can add voice commands, including punctuations, formatting, and editing, in more than 60 world languages. 

Note that currently, Voice Typing is available in only Chrome browsers. 

Google Chrome Extensions Will Make Your Writing Easier

Download Google Chrome Extensions from the Chrome Web Store and add new features to Google Docs to customize your writing process. There are AI-powered tools, SEO tools, grammar and spell-check tools, advanced editor, fancy text generators, headline creators, word counter, notes apps, paraphrasing text apps, sentence rephrasing tools, and a hundred other plugins and extensions for improving productivity and streamlining writing process. 

Grammar Guru On-the-Go

There is nothing more magical for a writer than a tool that edits and corrects their book on the go with top-notch suggestions. That’s Grammarly for you. Grammarly Chrome Browser Extension helps you to write clear, mistake-free books in your preferred English language (American, British, Canadian, and Australian) in real-time. 

Grammarly for Google Docs catches and corrects spelling mistakes and wordiness on the go. It also suggests better vocabulary and alternative sentences for clarity as you write. Real-time grammar checks will reduce your book editing time before self-publishing or approaching book publishing companies. 

Click here to add Grammarly for Google Docs.

Access and Share Your Book From Any Device

Google Docs offers flexible writing for writers. You don’t have to carry your laptop or pen drive to access and share your work. With Google Docs, your book will be stored in a secure Cloud. You can log onto your Google account from any device and access your document at any time. You can check a chapter on your phone, edit it while flying and complete your book on your dad’s computer in another country. 

When it comes to sharing your manuscript with Book Publishing companies, Google Docs makes it a cakewalk. You and your hired editor can work on the same document simultaneously without exchanging hundreds of emails. They don’t even need a Google account to edit your book. 

You can add and remove collaborators and control exactly who can access your document. You can also chat with them in the document. And the document will be automatically saved in real-time.

You can convert and download your book into seven file formats, including MS Word, EPUB Publication, and PDF, and share it on other apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Bluetooth, Nearby Share, etc. 

Google Docs is a distraction-free Word Processor, and whether you are writing your first book or self-publishing your fifth novel, Google Docs will always prove worthy.

While looking for book publishing online solutions, check out Writat’s free-to-use self-publishing platform. Trust us, it is as good as Google Docs is for authors. 

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