Where and How to Sell Your Self-Published Book?

This blog serves as a guide to selling and distributing your self-published book. 

Getting booksellers and libraries to stock and sell self published book in their stores a decade back was a hard task. Due to limited aisle space and biased reluctance to sell self-published books, most writers and their books were turned down by retailers and independent bookstore owners. 

That was 20 years back, and this is today, a digital world where the internet presents a gamut of opportunities and possibilities for self-publishing writers. Not only has the quality of self-published books improved, but there are hundreds of means of selling and distributing a self-published book today. 

Steps to Sell Self-Published Book

In the past, if you chose the self-book publishing route, it was presumed that you lacked the ‘thing’ required for traditional publishing. People attributed self-publishing to poor quality or poor content. However, Amazon changed the self-publishing game and threw the doors wide open when they launched the Amazon KDP Self-Publishing platform. Being the largest marketplace in the world, Amazon made it easy for authors to sell their books without gatekeepers or marketing skills. 

But then there are a few downsides to Amazon KDP:

  • You can sell and distribute your book only via Amazon. So, what about readers who aren’t on Amazon and prefer buying from eBay? 
  • You essentially cannot distribute your book to schools, retailers, and libraries.
  • Amazon takes a massive chunk of your profit when considering international shipping costs and print costs per book. You practically make no profit unless your selling price is very high. 
  • Amazon takes at least 1 – 3 months to pay you. 
  • You cannot customize your book cover page or create a custom discount.

To address these issues, independent book publishing platforms, like Writat, have emerged in the last 5 years with amazing publishing, marketing, selling, and distributing services. Most of them are Free to use. If you desire to make more money or reach a greater number of readers, choosing a self-publishing platform that offers maximum publishing and selling benefits would be best. 

The Process to Self-Publishing a Book is Simple with Writat

  1. Register your account for free
  2. Fill in your personal and bank details
  3. Download a template for your book based on your genre
  4. Copy-paste your manuscript on the template
  5. Format and convert into a PDF file
  6. Select your book option (Paperback, eBook, & Hardcover)
  7. Choose a cover from our gallery of 500+ cover designs
  8. Publish your Book

You can read the complete process here. We have additional resources, too, that will help you understand self-publishing better

Writat Selling and Distribution Benefits 

Since 2021, self-publishing has gained a firm grip on the book publishing market. Writat offers more than 10+ instant benefits for our authors. In fact, you can make sales without any outrageous marketing too. 

The most promising among them is our massive network of distribution partners located across 80+ countries. 

As soon as you publish your book with Writat, you will have instant access to these channels without additional cost. You can publish, distribute, and sell self published book not only through Amazon but 40K other distribution channels – FREE OF COST. 

The image below shows where Writat Sells and Distributes Your Book for Free

What Makes Us Different from Other Book Publishing Companies?

The hardest part of becoming an author is the steps between completing a book and selling it. Writat makes this journey from a writer to an author incredibly simple, customized, centralized, and cost-free. Let’s take a look at what makes Writat different and why should you choose Writat over other book publishing companies? 

  • We are Free. All the services mentioned below are FREE for Self-Published authors. 
  • While we are a leader in self-publishing in India, writers around the globe can publish on our platform. This is impossible with other publishing platforms, where authors from the base country can only publish and sell. 
  • We distribute your book to the entire world for free without hidden costs or surcharges.
  • We also offer Amazon Prime Placement. Your book will be on the top of Amazon search results with the Prime tag. This is a free service with Writat Self-Publishing. For other companies, it is an Add-On solution. 
  • Sales are reflected in five major currencies (USD, INR, POUND, AUD, EURO). It will be easier for readers from different countries to convert to the nearest currency and buy.   
  • Owing to the concept of ‘Print Locally – Ship locally,’ unlike other self-publishing companies with printers located only in the base country, our printers are available around the globe. This reduces shipping costs and time.
  • This also contributes to low printing costs. This means you will earn more profit (upto 100%) and set a marginal MRP, letting more readers buy your book. 
  • You can track your sales on our top-notch dashboard. 

There are more benefits and customized, budget-friendly solutions that you can enjoy at Writat. For instance, if you do not wish you buy a publishing package, you can book our standalone services for specific needs. 


You can go through our FAQs and Learning Center for more information. Also, talk to your publishing consultant here.

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