The Key Ingredients of a Great Romantic Novel

Right from the love affairs set in the Regency era to modern sensual stories, romantic novels are continuing to top in the best-selling charts. Romantic novels are always optimistic, inspirational and provide good escapism from the busy life. Romance novels hold a special place in our hearts. Even the toughest of personalities will have a soft spot for a good romance. Everyone craves love and companionship, and a romantic novel is all about it.

Elements a Romantic Novel Should Have

Having a plot that portrays a conflict or challenges faced in a relationship and how the hero and the heroine of the novel overcome it makes the readers glued to the story. A romantic Novel should have several key characteristics and elements to make it to the readers “keeper” shelf.

Here are a few elements of a romantic novel that act as building blocks to an award-winning romantic novel. These elements are what readers expect and love to have in the story they read.

Hero and the Heroine Must be Likeable and Inspirational

The reader must be able to connect with both the male and the female lead.  While it doesn’t mean that the hero should be flawless, he has to be that kind of guy who can melt the readers’ hearts. Despite the flaws, the reader should be able to connect with the character. And when we talk about the female lead, she can be the feisty tomboy and that type of woman the readers would aspire to be.

Hero and Heroine Should Meet As Early As Possible

The two main characters must meet within the first two or three chapters, even if the story is about complicated love that includes a love triangle, a man falling in love with a widower, and a woman falling in love with a widowed man with a child. The more time it takes to develop the romantic relationship between the leads in the story, it will be harder for the reader to relate to the romance.

A Good Story Should Have Barriers between the Leads

Readers love a happy ending in a romantic novel, but that doesn’t mean the story should always have cheerful plots in it. There must be twists and turns and barriers standing between the hero and the heroine to keep them physically, emotionally and relationally apart so that the readers get glued to the story to find out what happens in the end. The storyline should revolve around two individuals – the hero and heroine and how they fought all odds to get back together.

Cute and Strong Romantic Moments throughout the Book

The author must be able to pen in more romantic moments, and there must be an irresistible romantic tension that gradually increases with every chapter. However, this doesn’t mean the book should have loads of kisses or sex. There has to be that sizzling chemistry that makes the reader keep flipping the pages to read further.

Readers Prefer a Happily-Ever-After

Life or book, all of us prefer a happy ending. Remember, there is always a happy ending, and if not, then it is not the ending. The story can have misunderstandings, fights, trust issues, cheat or whatsoever between the lead couples. However, in the end, they must get together fighting and overcoming all barriers that kept them apart so far. You have hit the jackpot if the reader closes your book with a satisfying smile because the hero and heroine have found true love in the end.

Final Thoughts

Think of some of the greatest romances you have ever read or seen in recent years. The ones that had a nail-biting storyline with many barriers between the lead couple and their happy ending is what the readers cherish because most of us are romantics at heart, especially women readers.  If you are an aspiring writer, it’s time to sign up in Writat to ignite your passion and fill in the readers’ hearts with a beautifully penned romantic novel.

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