Trending Topics for Non-Fiction Books

This is the year for non-fiction writers. More people are buying books that inspire them than novels and fiction. And if you are scouting for good ideas for your next book, this blog is for you. You will find a list of trending topics for non-fiction books writing, including practical tips when choosing a title for your book. 

Non-fiction has a bigger market for both self-publishing and traditional publishing categories. Besides, they are easier to write, market, and sell. 

Unless novel writing is in your blood, you can try your hand at writing a non-fiction book. 

In fact, many authors at Writat have built successful careers by self-publishing non-fiction books

Earning opportunities are better for non-fiction writers than novelists. You can give seminars and guest lectures, sell related products, host shows, and even create podcasts. 

So, let’s get started with simple and bestselling ideas. 

Trending Topics for Your Non-Fiction Books

We searched our database, asked our network channel partners, and even looked into Amazon’s non-fiction bestseller categories to come up with these book-writing ideas that represent the bestselling non-fiction. 

Business and Management 

While you can write a book about your own business and share your managerial and development strategies, you can also tell a story of some of the world’s famous businessmen and companies and their growth journey from scratch. 

Write about business management and managerial effectiveness, share advice on how to run a start-up or manage a large corporate, establish a home business, offer tips on leadership and teamwork, or any inspiring topic, such as what you learned from your first failed project. 

You might also explore other trending topics for non-fiction, like job interviews, career growth, work-life balance, etc. 

Money Making and Financial Needs

Making money and financial support are two evergreen topics for non-fiction books. People are always looking for new ways to earn money, improve their financial condition, earn a living from creative work, self-publishing non-fiction, and secure investments for bigger projects. 

You can share advice on how to make money from self-publishing, write about budgeting a start-up, how to save money for children’s future as a homemaker, tell your story of getting out of debt, or offer tips about accounting, taxation, and more. 

Heath, Fitness, and Nutrition 

Losing weight is by far the most popular health and fitness book topic.

If you are an expert on weight management, you can definitely throw light on the topic and self-publish a good non-fiction book. 

You can offer healthy recipes for office goers, ideas on managing weight if you have a desk job, share your PCOD journey, or discuss diabetes management and heart health.

Compile a research summary on intermittent fasting, keto, and gluten-free diet or the benefits of ayurvedic science. 

Health, nutrition, and fitness is a broad genre with thousands of sub-genres. There is yoga, cooking, exercises, skin and hair, DIY remedies, and many other things to write about. 

However, ensure you research the topic well, include practical and tested tips and solutions, and make it easy for an average person to follow. 

Travel and Tourism 

Love traveling to new places? Like taking photographs when vacationing? Why not self-publish a non-fiction book on your travel experiences? 

There’s a reason why travel photography and travel blogs on Instagram are popular. People love adventure and like seeing and visiting new places. 

So, if you have been to a new place recently, you can write a story about your experiences, local cuisines, best accommodation options, things to do, people and culture, and itinerary, and self-publish a non-fiction book. 

It will be a bestseller non-fiction if you write your book in the form of practical travel tips for other tourists. 

For example, talk about your trip budget, hotel rates, and food prices, best veg and non-vegetarian options, things you did, and places you visited, whether the destination is a good choice for family, couples, or adventure, whether you rented a car or used the local transportation, and names of the best shopping markets. 

Life and Happiness

How to be happy, how to conquer the fear of the unknown, how to be the monk who sold his Ferrari, how to find courage, how to develop healthy habits in children, and the topics are endless. 

In fact, life, philosophy, and self-help are bestselling & trending topics for non-fiction books.

At this point, happiness is a luxury for all of us, and we want people who can help us find inner peace and contentment. 

You can write about holistic living, meditation, psychology, and self-awareness, describe your experience with a health complication, like recovering from cancer, share your story of empowering or choose a very light-hearted subject like relationships, dating, childbirth, marriage, etc.

Biographies and Memoirs

We love reading about the life journeys of famous people. However, writing a biography is different from writing a memoir or autobiography. Before you start, please ensure you know the differences between the three sub-genres. 

That said, memoirs and autobiographies can also be about yourself – life in a new city, life after your wedding to a foreigner, your best moments being a surgeon or a cook, or an inspiring and unique biography of a family member, relative, friend, colleague, or neighbor. 

Cookbooks, Food & Nutrition 

You can collect recipes from your local eateries to create a cookbook, share your family’s special kitchen rules, traditions, and recipes, and write about the festival food culture in your city or country. 

Cookbooks are fast-selling books in the non-fiction self-publishing categories. So, you have a lot of things to explore and write about, such as local wineries, review books, vegan breakfast ideas, food for pregnant ladies, one-pot meal ideas, weight loss recipes, food for heart patients, etc. 

Got insights on food science and nutrition, baking techniques, and dessert making? Know good tips and tricks for barbequing, fish butchery, and game meats? Write about them. These make the few best topics for non-fiction books. 

You don’t have to be a certified or professional chef to share your knowledge of food and culture. You just have to be sure of what you already know.  

Education and Teaching 

Are you an expert subject that’s complicated for an average person to understand, like physics, botany, medicine, chemistry, or trigonometry? Self-publish a nonfiction book on it. 

Alternatively, think of self-publishing non-fiction on classroom curricula, such as chemistry project material, accountancy workbooks for under-graduates, children’s learning and development eBooks, art books, coloring books, DIY books, or even magazines. 

Practical Tips on How to Decide Non-Fiction Book Title or Topic 

  • Unless you understand what you are writing, give the title later. 
  • Switch on your reader mode and think what you would, as a reader, type into the Google search bar to locate your book’s content.
  • For inspiration, visit Amazon and start typing a keyword. The Amazon search bar will automatically provide a drop-down list of bestseller titles and topics. 
  • If you don’t know where to start, think about yourself, the challenges you are facing, the goals you have accomplished, and the obstacles you overcame in your personal and professional lives. 
  • Look around you for creative stimulation. Most bestselling authors self-publish a non-fiction book by taking inspiration from day-to-day life. Ask questions. Observe others. Travel to new places. Read books. 
  • Make sure your title is clear. If I write a book on How to self-publish a non-fiction book or “How to choose the best self-publishing company for your non-fiction,” my book will talk exactly about this. These are clear titles and are based on keyword searches. 
  • A problem and a solution – this format is one of the most trending topics for non-fiction books. It often uses the copywriting principle. Focus on a problem, offer a benefit, and urge the reader to take action. 
  • For example, look at this headline: How to Self-Publish a Book in Less than a Week.” It has a problem (want to publish a book in a week) and a solution (the content of the book), and the reader can clearly understand what they will find in the book. 
  • To make your book viral: You can either add time-specific benefits. For example: “How to Lose 5 Kgs in 1 Month,” Or an element of surprise. Example: A Full-Proof Plant to Lose 20 Kgs in a Year” 
  • Your book should attract the niche reader. Do not make it generic. When your target reader sees the book, the title should make them pick it up from the aisle or add it to the shopping cart. 
  • Choose your self-publishing company wisely. When you have control over your book, you can re-publish it with a new title and a cover anytime. And this is only possible by self-publishing a non-fiction book. Not with traditional publishing methods.

We hope this blog was able to deliver the list of trending topics for your non-fiction book. Note that these titles and practical tips are generated after analyzing the statistics on Amazon book publishing and Kindle. 

If you need self-publishing assistance, we are always here to help you. You can look into our non-fiction book publishing packages and standalone services for a more personalized solution. 

Once your book is ready, you can self-publish it on Writat

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