How Writat Self Publishing is Different than Other Book Publishing Companies

The challenge always isn’t writing the book but finding the right means to publish it. This blog tells you how Writat is different and more helpful than other book publishing companies. 

As a writer, you’d want the best for your book and would definitely seek a book publishing company that could take care of your book distribution and printing. 

If you have published before, you know the drill. But, for new writers, you have two options – approach a reputed global book publisher or an average (tier 2) publishing company. 

The first option is great (professional team and all); however it is pretty expensive and exhausting. Your book can most likely be rejected (rate is 10 times high), there is a long (read 6 months) waiting period, and the royalty is very less. 

The second option is reasonably easy – not so expensive, fair professionalism, and easy to approach. But then, you will have to bear all costs without after-sales support, online, marketing, and distribution support. 

And then there is this third option.

Perhaps the best one so far. Because it is affordable, unique, easy, and quick.

And that is Writat’s self-publishing platform.

Writat gives you a plethora of opportunities to publish and distribute your book.

Advanced technologies like Print-on-Demand, eBook publishing, Amazon Prime Benefits, Free ISBN generation, and pre-set templates and cover designs allow you to publish, promote, distribute, and sell your book internationally. 

Self-publishing has found new meaning in the post covid era. It is now the hottest book industry trend that provides creative writers, new authors, and unique genres and content to make their entry into the market faster. You also can earn 7X more. 

At Writat, we make the process much more friendly, reliable, and easy.  

Writat self-publishing has empowered several authors around the world in new and exciting ways. Let’s look at how Writat is a better choice for book publishing

We can say that Writat is one of the best book publishing platforms with great self-publishing benefits, but would you believe us? Well, you won’t. Unless you try for yourself and experience the advantages of publishing a book with us, you can sign up for free, create your account, have a personal dashboard to track your projects and sales, and a lot more here.


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