Covid and the Growth of Self–Publishing Industry

The ongoing Pandemic has undoubtedly impacted our country, if not the whole world’s, economy. In the third week of March 2020, everything came to a halt. The print and Self–Publishing industries took the brunt. Over 85% of printers across the globe are currently in financial distress.

The whole industry is experiencing severe financial difficulties due to the nationwide lockdown since published materials held in various warehouses for dispatch and distribution to national bookshops and suppliers for the new academic year were unable to be cleared. Authors and publishers have taken a backseat with shops closing and online book delivery taking a backseat until lately.

Until the outbreak of the Pandemic, people preferred reading physical books over audiobooks or eBooks. However, now considering the hygiene issue, people have significantly shifted their reading options. Initially, self-publishing was seen as a medium to democratize the process of book publishing for aspiring authors and writers who had less or no direct access to the market.

The Self–Publishing industry witnessed a notable increase in the sale of eBooks and readership as well. More number of newbie authors started enquiring about self-publishing and promotion. Self-publishing platforms gave a new reality and boosted the authors who the traditional publishers denied. It also gave birth to many new authors in India during the ongoing Pandemic. Surprisingly, self-publishing used to be associated with a stigma. Still, the recent financial success of numerous self-published books, particularly during the Pandemic, has transformed the whole self-publishing landscape.

Present and Future of Self Publishing Post Covid

Currently, authors do not consider self-publishing to be the last resort. Instead, they use it as the primary choice for getting their creations in front of as many people as possible. According to industry observers, self-publishing platforms have become an essential avenue for many aspiring authors in recent years, as they have found it to be more profitable and to provide greater control over the reach, speed, and power of delivery and distribution as keeping track of revenue. The Pandemic has resulted in the development of first-time creative authors who can convey their thoughts and emotions in the form of fiction in both English and Hindi and regional languages.

Wrapping Up

These trends suggest that Self–Publishing has a strong chance of becoming a permanent part of the publishing ecosystem. In addition, these new publishing techniques may appeal to authors who want to create their work and make it available to the general audience without the involvement of gatekeepers.

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