How to Get Your Book Noticed on Amazon?

Book publishing online with Writat is easy, but it is a whole other story to make it a bestseller on Amazon. In this blog, we will discuss full-proof strategies and tactics that authors can use to get their books noticed on Amazon, including setting up the author’s central account, book cover design, optimizing metadata, engaging potential readers, working on editorial reviews, and making use of book publishing companies

Why is Amazon Important for Authors?

Amazon is one of the leading book marketing and publishing companies. And while it is not the only channel to sell books (Writat is associated with over 40K distribution partners), it is a great place to concentrate on, especially if you are self-publishing a book. 

Features like Amazon Prime Listing can help you market your book faster. Besides, your books will be accessible to global buyers.   However, millions of titles are released per year, with at least 50,000 new books published on Amazon Kindle every month, equating to 7500 per day. 

And with 2700 new books launched on Amazon each day, getting a book noticed on the platform is difficult, let alone making it a bestseller. 

Whether you write books in a popular genre, like romance fiction, or are more niche specific, like travel books, it is important now more than ever to stand out and attract the target readers.

Tips on How to Get Your Book Noticed on Amazon

Every self-publishing author releasing a book on Amazon is trying hard to promote theirs. Therefore, you need to up your game and beat the competition. With our book publishing and marketing tips, self-publishing authors can reach a wider audience and sell more books through the platform. 

Set Up Your Authors Central Account

Author Central Account helps self-publishing authors create an author page on It acts as your profile, which includes a biography, books written, photos, as well as other information that adds credibility to your work. 

With an Author Central Account, you can help readers find you and your books and connect with you through your website, social media profile, or email. 

Follow the Steps to Set Up An Authors Central Account

  • Visit
  • You can sign in with your existing Amazon username and password. If you don’t have one, create a new account. 
  • Once you are signed in, go to the Author Central dashboard.
  • Click on the “Add a new title” button to add your self-published book(s) to your author page. 
  • You will need to enter the title, author name, and ISBN provided by the self-publishing company. 
  • After adding your book details, edit your author page by adding a bio, photo, blog links, and other information.
  • You can also link your Author Central account to your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

You can check your book sales data, customer reviews, and ratings and track your page views through the Author Central dashboard. 

Make Use of Amazon’s Promotional Tools

Amazon offers several book marketing tools, like Amazon Advertising, Giveaways, and Discounts. 

Amazon Advertising Services

As a book publishing company, Writat will promote your book to its best knowledge using different book marketing tactics. 

However, you can also use Amazon’s Advertising services to improve your book marketing worldwide. Amazon Advertising allows self-publishing authors to create and manage advertisements for their books on Amazon. 

The ads created will appear on product pages, search result pages, and other areas of the Amazon site when a reader enters a keyword or keyphrase to search for a book from the same genre as yours.

There are two types of Amazon Advertising Ads – Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Brand Ads.

Sponsored Product Ads: If you are planning to self-publish a book, you can promote the book through Sponsored Product Ads on Amazon search result pages and product pages. Your ad will appear on top of the result page, visible to your niche readers. 

Sponsored Brand Ads: Alternatively, Sponsored Brand Ads will allow you to promote your brand, i.e., you, as a whole. So, the ads you create will appear on top of the search result pages featuring your photo or logo and the top three best-selling books. 

Giveaways and Discounts 

Readers love giveaways and discounts. We all do. And Amazon is extremely smart in offering discounts, giveaways, and bonuses. They make a great tool to promote books on Amazon book publishing and selling marketplace.

Giveaways allow you to give away a certain number of copies of your book or a certain book title for free, like “Buy 3 get 1 Free” or “Buy This get That free.” 

On the other hand, discounts let you offer your book at a lower price for a limited time. They are great book marketing tactics for holiday and festival seasons and can help increase your book sales rapidly. 

Book Cover, Description, and Book Title

Your book title, book cover, and description are the first three things readers will see when they land on your book page. They are, in fact, the most important elements of self-publishing a book when it comes to convincing readers to buy your book. 

Our experts have published a couple of helpful articles on Book Cover Designing, Book Description, and Creating Brilliant Titles for book publishing. You can find them below:

Book Cover Designing: Most readers will remember their favorite book by their cover. The best graphics give visual clues about the inside of the pages, create the tone, or offer plot hints. Some covers are enough to tell a narrative on their own. 

Click here to learn How to Create a Book Cover using Canva- Graphic Designing Tool, and read this Blog to know the Dos and Don’ts When Designing a book cover. 

Book Description that Sells: Your book description should work like an elevator pitch that instantly captures the readers’ attention within the first two sentences. It should leave your readers wanting more and compelled to buy your book. 

A book description can be both short and long and must be gripping despite the genre you write. Before you start writing your book description, take a look at our BlogHow to Write a Book Description that Sells. 

Book Title: Titles are the first thing readers look at when they explore new books. It means you have all but 5 seconds to impress a reader with the title of your book. Titling the book is probably a book brilliant marketing hack for authors. 

If you are a new author considering self-publishing a book or a seasoned writer wondering how not to plummet your book sales on Amazon, our blog provides the Essential Guidelines for Writing a Bestselling book title

Collect More Book Editorial Reviews 

With the dawn of online book publishing companies and social media, book editorial reviews and ratings now play an important role in generating buzz about a book and driving sales. This is not something that we can just sit around and give rest.  Like how users prefer products and services with good reviews and ratings, readers prioritize books that score great grades, meaning sensational positive reviews. 

Our experts have some solid tips on How to Get Reviews for Your Book. You can read them Here

Self-Publish a Book in Every Format and Distribute it Everywhere 

Technology has transformed the way readers discover books and experience things. Even if your main format is paperback and the main form of distribution is Amazon, self-publish your book in various formats and distribute it across as many channels as possible. This will ensure that the largest audience can access your book. 

For instance, eBooks and audiobooks are the showstoppers in the book publishing industry. People need instant access to everything, including their favorite books and authors, and eBooks and audiobooks provide that particular benefit to your readers.

Read this blog to learn the reasons Why You must Self-Publish a Book in eBook and how Audiobooks are Going to be the Rising Trend in 2023

Writat book publishing helps authors self-publish a book in Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook formats in 80+ countries across 40,000 distribution channels, both online and offline marketplaces.  

Read if it helps: How to Publish an eBook.

Use Amazon’s A+ Content Feature

This is Amazon’s one of the latest marketing hacks for advertisers. It is a feature that allows authors and publishing companies to create visually appealing and eye-catchy content for their book listings on Amazon. 

You can add images, videos, and other sections to improve the reader’s purchase experience and provide additional information about your book.

For a self-publishing author, the A+ Content Feature is like having an additional advertisement for free. You can use our Electronic Information Sheet service to create an excellent A+ content graphic design. You can find more information about Electronic Information Sheet.    

Few Other Book Marketing Hacks to Get Your Book Noticed on Amazon

  • Make your Amazon sales page aesthetically pleasing with a perfect balance between whitespace and text. This makes reading simple. 
  • Use appropriate keywords when writing your content, including book description, meta title, subtitle, back cover copy, and product description. This will help readers find your book easily on Amazon. 
  • Write a good Author Bio. It is a paragraph that is all about you – your credentials, hobbies, education, age, passion, etc. An Author Bio is probably the best way readers can get to know you beyond your book. 
  • And finally, get help from your self-publishing company or publishing partner. They can provide solid insights and solutions on how to get your book noticed on Amazon. You can talk to our publishing consultant anytime you want

Wrapping Up on How to Get Your Book Noticed on Amazon

Getting your book noticed on the Amazon marketplace isn’t rocket science, but you could get lost because of the massive traffic. Your plan should be a mix of logic, technique, and creativity. 

With these tips, you can create an amazing strategy for yourself. But make sure you implement them immediately and accurately. 

You can do it. Best of luck.

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