Why Writing a Book is Good for Online Entrepreneurs?

Writing a good book can be incredibly helpful to you and your business in several ways. While authoring a book is not the first thing that comes to mind when strategizing business growth, it is an excellent option for online business professionals and entrepreneurs worth exploring.  Books not only make professional practice competitive but also help businesses achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increase your credibility among niche customers 
  • Position yourself as a thought leader
  • Distinguish yourself from your peers/competitors 
  • Enjoy worldwide visibility, especially in national and international media outlets
  • Promote your product, service, or profession to generate more leads 
  • Earn upto 80% royalty by selling your book with Writat
  • Boost traffic to your online business/ ecommerce store 
  • Build a secondary career as a business author
  • Gain the unfaltering trust of customers, employees, and business partners

The Business Impact of Self-Publishing a Book

Book publishing, which was once a complicated and lengthy process, self-publishing companies like Writat have made it ridiculously short, easy, and lucrative. The cost and time of writing and self-publishing a book are all-time low. So, whether it is launching a product or service line, building a career internationally, sharing knowledge and lessons with youths, or even retiring, authoring a book has become a new source of income. 

Bill Gates, Michelle and Barack Obama, Robert Kiyosaki, Anderson Cooper, Twinkle Khanna, Michael Jordan, and many others have turned publishing into a powerful tool to reach, preach, and practice. 

Most business people we know agree with this but don’t know where to start. Writat has a reservoir of expert tips, guidelines, publishing practices, book marketing suggestions, and, most importantly, a free resource pool for self-publishing a book. Whether you choose to self-publish (recommended for businesses) or work with a book publishing company, you will find all the details here

4 Best Reasons Why Self-Publishing a Book Can Benefit Your Professional Practice 

We have heard excuses that book writing takes precious time away from running and growing a business. But in our view, it helps you rise above the noise and adds far more value than many other things you might be doing to boost your sales, including expensive sales & marketing. 

Increase Customers’ Demand with Expert Knowledge

Customers want to see that you are actually good at what you do. Today, business is completely about producing something that drives customers back to you, your website, product, services, and skills. This is particularly important in the B2B market. Self-publishing a good book – a good book means one that contains useful ideas and information, is engaging, well-written, and adequately articulated – is a sure way to increase your professional demand.


If you are a Financial Consultant, writing a book about “How B2B Businesses Can Manage Taxation and Earn from Returns without Expert Help” will improve your professional credibility. You can advise clients to buy the book instead of hiring expensive VAT experts. If they find the book helpful, they will more likely return to you for management accounting and taxation in the future. 

Your Book Could be a Business Development Model

With self-publishing, you can align your book with your business objectives and use it as a powerful tool to develop a sound business model. For instance, many entrepreneurs publish their books first to build a mailing list or follow a potential customer to test a new business idea or model. 

You can offer your book for free to potential customers, existing clients, and business stakeholders and ask for their feedback and opinions. Offering a free book and explaining how it provides valuable information to customers is also a great way to increase your website’s sign-ups. And it goes without saying, the larger your mailing list, the greater your revenue potential. 

A Book Will Define You as an Expert in the Subject, Product, Service, or Skill

People are attracted to experts and don’t mind paying people they view as field leaders. Just say, ‘I wrote a book’ and notice how people become your top fans, including colleagues, clients, customers, even business partners and board members. They will vote for your exuded confidence even if they don’t read your book. They would regard you as a role model. Showing you are published on Amazon or Booksophile will also translate into social, corporate, and financial power. 

Scout for Multiple Revenue Streams through Media Coverages

At present, online business is more about how you influence people and impact their jobs, lives, and decisions. Real-life strategies and life lessons from your self-published book can inspire and enhance many lives. Your book can give you exclusive media coverages through book reviews, book forums, customers, and LinkedIn network connections. 

This enhanced visibility can be an incredible foundation to be a part of new opportunities, such as invitations to TED talks, business school teaching, television interviews, judge or jury events, expert training, and even international business partnerships. 

Self-publishing a book could also offer a perfect chance to change your society with your values and mission. You can charge a fee for the invitations you receive and develop a second source of income or invest the money for business expansion.

Why Self-Publishing is Consistent with Online Entrepreneur’s Routine

You are not supposed to earn from your book. At least not directly like how it is for full-time authors.  

That shouldn’t be your primary book publishing goal as a business owner or professional service provider. But it rather should be making your book an indirect business tool to boost sales, increase revenue, attract bigger clients, enhance visibility as a thought leader, and grow online. 

This makes self-publishing an apt book publishing option for businesses. 

It reduces your struggle to find big book publishers, meet their expectations, follow their rules, and wait for the long production and distribution process. Instead, platforms like Writat urge you to write what’s needed to be written and not what your agent wants to read. You can make your book as innovative as you want, write in whatever language and subject you wish, and publish it on your own terms and conditions. 

That said, it is understandable that cover designing, book formatting, editing, and proofreading require a fair amount of time. Still, you can use our standalone support solutions to accomplish these goals affordably. You can click here to check our self-publishing solutions for businesses. 

While looking at it, you can go through our 30-minute publishing process and its many benefits. 

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