Why Must You Publish Your Book as an eBook?

Technology has transformed the way readers discover books and experience things. People now need instant access to everything, including their favorite books and authors. Believe it or not, this is the right time for authors to embrace digitalization and enter into the eBook publishing realm. While printed books are not going away, there are many instances where eBooks provide an advantage over paperbacks and hardcovers. In this blog, we will discuss the best tangible reasons why eBooks are essential now more than ever. 

Benefits of eBooks for Authors

eBooks are Here to Stay. So, Why Not Leverage their Capabilities?

eBooks are an emerging technological development in the areas of monetization from book sales, book publishing, and book marketing. eBooks can offer more than just a book. They are not only the easiest way for writers to adopt digital change but also an excellent opportunity for them to become a self-published author. Besides, by choosing digital, e-Book publishers in India, like Writat, can offer your readers more than just a regular book. 

So, when eBooks are here to stay for the longest run, why not leverage their capabilities to grow your readership? 

Your Readers Can Easily Access Your eBook

eBooks are compact, convenient, and instant and save time and space.

What is more fun than having full access to your favorite books at the tip of your fingertips? Probably getting to read them whenever & wherever you wish without physically carrying them. Offline accessibility allows readers to access your books even in the absence of the internet. 

Readers needn’t leave their house to buy your book or own membership in the local library to borrow it. Instead, they can purchase your eBook from any digital marketplace, like Amazon Kindle, download it on their phone, and start reading it instantly – all of this wouldn’t take more than a minute. 

Most eReaders can be installed as a mobile application, making eBooks portable. Imagine your reader is traveling by air and the baggage weight limit has crossed by several kgs because they decided to bring your novels to their trip. Compare this scenario with a single pocket-sized device with thousands of ebooks loaded and waiting to be read.  

Students and employees benefit the most from eBooks as they need not have to bring dozens of learning materials to their work every day. 

E-Book Publishing is Ridiculously Easy!!

eBooks give readers access to books that weren’t possible otherwise due to the incompatible traditional publishing process. 

There are many book publishers in India that allow you to self-publish an eBook for free and distribute it across the world. The process of traditional book publishing is complicated. eBooks give readers better access to Indie titles, such as excellent novellas and short stories that are too short to be published in their own print but are perfectly appropriate for digital publishing. 

Since the content in eBooks is cloud-based, you can re-publish or edit your book whenever you decide to make changes, even after it is published. It is like taking matters into your own hands. This saves reprinting costs and allows you to provide the latest information or editions to your readers. 

Reduces Book Publishing Expenses

Many authors may feel that since eBooks publishing is a new technology, the self-publishing cost would be higher than paperbacks and hardcover. In reality, they are affordable in the long run. Since there is not much of a publishing process involved, such as no paperback cover, packing, paper, printing, illustration, and shipment cost, eBook publishing cost is practically zero than printed books. 

New releases are usually cheaper as eBooks even if they are released simultaneously as their print counterparts, making them perfect for avid readers who can finish 3- 4 books a month. 

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Great for Marketing and Branding 

A few dynamic ways to use eBooks to improve your branding and marketing strategies include:

Offering a free eBook to potential readers allows authors to grow their email list and readership base. 

To build credibility as thought leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners can share eBooks with clients and employees on popular subjects related to the industry, trade, products, and services. Since eBooks are less expensive, they are considered a practical book format option for businesses. 

Royalties from eBooks sold can be a great passive income source. 

Evaluate your sales performance instantly. With aid analytics, you can see and analyze the number of downloads, get the correct data on distribution and consumption, track the number of accesses, and read the reviews. This can help you significantly revise and improve your sales strategies. 

Millennials having a more flair for technology, prefer digital books and products. If your target niche is the younger generation, nothing will make your book sell faster than an eBook with compelling features. 

eBooks and eReaders Provide Readers with an Immersive Experience 

  • Booklovers can carry their books (be it 1 or 20) on smartphones, laptops, and tablets, enabling reading on the go. 
  • They can search for words and jump into a particular line, sentence, or scene in a few seconds. 
  • Integrated helpful links, like real-time dictionaries, Google definitions, YouTube videos, etc., improve readers’ understanding and learning processes, which printed versions cannot offer. 
  • Digital learning, digital education, and eBooks are more advanced, eco-friendly (uses less paper and printing materials), and absolutely fun. For instance, you can add interactive elements like widgets to engage students. 
  • Digital readers come with audio options (read-aloud mode), allowing book lovers to listen to the audio versions of your eBook when their hands are busy, like while driving or cooking. 
  • eBooks are cheaper (some even free) to buy. Users can buy the book from the comforts of their homes, doubling sales potential. 
  • Audiences can read your book in the dark without disturbing others. eReaders are also easy on the eyes, as you can change the text size or font style or adjust the brightness according to your reading preferences. 
  • Augmented Reality takes the eBook reading experience to a dynamic level. For instance, users can point at an image or text only to see it come alive with computer-generated 3D models. 
  • You can easily share your book with multiple users and even on social media. 

Just like self-publishing is the new normal, eBooks are the new book format. With boosted interactivity, cost-effectiveness, and better book publishing options, eBooks are gaining the upper hand in transforming the reading and learning experience. 

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