Why Writing Contest is Worth It for Self-Publishing Authors

Aspiring authors often fear participating in a writing contest.  What if I don’t win? I will be putting a lot at stake, and what if people judge me? I haven’t even published my first book. These questions often plague their minds. Believe us, a writing contest can be a boon to many of you, particularly if your goal is becoming a self-publishing author. The contests are pretty interesting; you get to learn a lot and prove to be a perfect way to promote your genre and skills.

In this blog, we have highlighted the key advantages of why new writers must try their hands at writing contests.

What is a Writing Contest?

Writing contests are primarily hosted by publication houses, established writers, and film media & journalism sectors for young and aspiring writers. The writers submit their works online for review. The reviewers could be authors, editors, or speakers from different backgrounds who judge the writings based on the genre and guidelines and declare a winner. The winner usually gets prize money or an opportunity to associate with top publishers.

There are different types of writing contests, and you could enter into one depending upon the sort of writing you do. Most popular contests worldwide are essays, novels, telenovelas, short stories, poems, TV ads, film scripts, and television pilots. There are sub-categories too, for example, pocket romance for the older generation.

3 Reasons Why Self-Publishing Authors Must Try their Hands at Writing Contest

The winner might be one, but you could give a close competition. Your work can also catch the attention of someone from the judging panel, who could help you in your career. You may never know unless you try. Remember that most great artists were rejected in their first audition. So, instead of being discouraged, take writing contests as an opportunity to learn more about your industry.

Besides, there are many perks if you win or get close to winning.

Your Work Could Be Published

The price varies in each writing contest, but most of them offer either prize money or scope to publish your work on a reputed self-publishing platform. Some even provide the opportunity to co-author with one of the panel judges.

In many instances, the top 10- 15 entries are selected for magazine or blog publication. This means if you write well, there is a chance that people will read your work. In addition, you can use this opportunity to get readers interested in your book and follow you on social media. And when it is time to self-publish your book, you already have established a good reader’s community.

You Get Money, and also, an Inspiration to Write Better

What if I lose?

But what if you win? Have you thought of it?

Money is a powerful inspiration to do a job better. We all know it is the reward that inspires us more than the award. We need money for survival. The prize money can cover your rent and pay for your daily essentials while you pour your heart into writing your book. You can also buy a new laptop or use the money for Self-Publishing

Besides, the contest itself could inspire you in many ways. For instance, the theme or topic can lead you to a better story for your book. If you win or are even shortlisted, you will be on a close radar of popular magazines, online book forums, authors wanting a co-writer, and even media houses. There’s always a silver lining. You have nothing to lose. So, why not take a chance?

Practice Will Open Up Creative Doors

For the writing contest, you will have to generate several ideas and write more stories – basically, you will be creating many storylines, scripts, and essays for your future work. It also means you will be practising until you know you have produced a work great enough to win a prize.

Practice is a key to writing better – no matter what kind of writer you are. You will improve vocabulary, grammar, idea flow, and speed inevitably – skills highly appreciated in our industry.

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