How to Publish a Book in Another Language than English?

If you have written a book but are wondering how to publish a book in a non-English language in another country, you can become a literary superstar with self-publishing services. Did you know book publishing companies, like Writat, are now actively publishing books in foreign languages and promoting non-English speaking authors? This is because, unlike traditional book publishers, self-publishing platforms do not hesitate to accept multiple languages. 

In fact, Writat offers to publish books for free in 15+ recognized world languages across 80+ countries through 40K network channels. 

This blog shares publishing tips for non-English speaking authors who are set to conquer the world in their native language. 

How to Write a Book in a Regional Language and Get it Published 

With the rise of self-publishing companies, authors confidently write books in their mother tongues and publish them to niche readers without reservations. 

However, no matter what you write, you must understand the publishing process and follow each rule to gain a maximum audience in the shortest time. 

Focus on a Target Market

Just like how big companies research markets for several years before segregating their products to a niche customer segment, you will also have to establish your book’s audience in a target market. In India, English & Hindi are spoken widely. Similarly, Mandarin in China, Spanish, apart from Spain is spoken in many countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela, Japanese in Japan, and so forth. So, if you are writing a book in Hindi, you must build up a brand name in India, your primary market. Once this is achieved, consider checking other Hindi-speaking markets: Pakistan, UAE, Canada. The same way if your book is in Spanish, consider branding yourself and your book in every Spanish speaking country.

The next step would be researching these markets for genres. Find out which type of books sell more. For instance, some markets like only religious, non-fiction, or academic books, while others are open to fiction. 

Read a Lot of Books in Your Language

English is an easy language, and online tools like Grammarly and Google Docs often simplify writing a book in English. But when it is a foreign language, the support is limited. Moreover, speaking in Hindi or French unconsciously is different from writing a book in Hindi or French consciously. You have to be accurate and grammatically correct. Therefore, the only way to get used to the flow is by reading books and improving your vocabulary. 

Just Write, Don’t Worry about the Rest

Grammar and typos happen, but don’t let that stop you from telling the story. They can be corrected later. Write however you want. Concentrate on your first draft. You can take care of the editing part once the manuscript is ready. Get your thoughts on the paper and focus on creating a masterpiece. 

Hire Native Speaking Editors 

You can hire professional native speakers, like language professors, to edit and proofread your manuscript before self-publishing. A LinkedIn or Google search may give you names of readers or writers who are skilled in your chosen foreign language. Offer to help each other and make this process cost-effective. While grammar may not be your strength, plot thickening and script writing might be. So, try this approach to gain feedback, service, and a good association.  You can also hire a freelance editor from online places like Upwork or Fiverr.

Publish a Book with a Global Book Publisher 

Despite having an online presence, many book publishers publish and distribute only in the base country, which may not sit well with your foreign language book. Luckily, Writat- book publisher sells books in more than 80 countries, making it easier for you to sell your book. In addition to, Writat distributes your book through the following network channels:

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With Writat, you need not manage several accounts, follow up sales and invoices, or worry about accidentally violating the law of a particular country. Writat takes care of everything. You can also use our standalone services for book designing, formatting, and marketing

Don’t Skip on the Marketing 

71% of the world’s reader population read books in the English language. So, it goes without saying that you have to build a good marketing strategy and get the word out about your book quite strongly. Digital marketing, Amazon’s prime placement, Author central page, and author website are a few trending and full-proof ways to market your book. Create your advertising materials, such as reviews, book blurbs, and ads in the target marketplace’s language. 

Just so you know, if you are publishing a book in multiple languages, remember to create an author page in every language you sell

Every book deserves to be read, and every author deserves to be heard. With advanced translation and publishing options, who knows, one day, your book could be a bestseller in English and other languages too. 

Writat fulfils the dreams of non-English speaking authors by supporting book publishing in Hindi, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, and more. 

If you wish to publish a book for free in any regional language, check out Writat’s self-publishing benefits. 


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