Five Instagram Marketing Tools for Authors to Boost Book Sales

We all know that Instagram is an engaging platform for building readership. But did you know that Instagram followers are 120 times more likely to comment, like, or share a post than Twitter followers and 60 times more likely than Facebook followers?  

And that 78% of people consider that the brands on Instagram are more popular and relevant than other platforms? 

You didn’t? 

Now you know!

Instagram is the most powerful and user-friendly book marketing tool for authors wanting to understand their audience, increase book sales, and engage niche followers personally. 

But that’s not the only amazing news. 

Every year, third-party developers are coming up with new Instagram Marketing Tools to help self-published authors like you expand your book marketing and sales scope and nail most of your goals.

The features and functionalities of the Instagram marketing tools, which we will discuss in this blog, provide different automated advantages for authors, such as direct Instagram publishing, hashtag analytics, caption ideas, smart post scheduling, and more. 

Must-Have Instagram Marketing Tools for Authors and Book Marketing

Honestly, there are hundreds of Instagram marketing tools for authors. But there’s a lot of clutter surrounding what actually helps authors and what doesn’t. 

You don’t need them all.

You just need to hone in on a couple of tools to ensure most of your goals are achieved effortlessly. 

As a book publishing company, we recommend only 5 Instagram marketing tools for authors to up their book marketing game. 

Use a Hashtag Manager 

The right hashtags will help you reach the target audience beyond your Instagram followers.  They work like the keywords on Google search. 

You should pay attention to the Hashtags you are using and conduct Hashtag Research for every post you update. 

Here’s a quick hashtag guideline for authors:

  • If you don’t add hashtags, your book will miss the required exposure.
  • If you add irrelevant hashtags, you will miss out on niche readers’ engagement.
  • If you use banned or broken hashtags, your post could be restricted or hidden from viewing. 
  • If you add too many hashtags, you will confuse the Instagram AI analytics.
  • If you use too many popular hashtags, your post will be lost among other posts. 
  • But when you use the right mix of hashtags (competitive + less popular), you will get the best engagement result. 

To find out which hashtag falls in which bucket, you need to use a Hashtag Research Instagram marketing tool for authors. 

While several tools are available to find the right Hashtag Mix, we suggest using Instagram’s own data for research. 

For instance, in the search box, type the hashtag you want to use in your post – #BookPublishing. 

You can find out how many people have used the hashtag in their posts, giving you an idea of how competitive it is and whether to use it in your mix or not. 

Note: While Instagram permits you to add upto 30 hashtags, the sweet spot is between 11 and 15 relevant hashtags. Based on current Instagram marketing hacks, fewer hashtags drive more engagement. 

If you want specific Instagram Marketing Tools for Authors like Hashtag Analytics, we recommend the following:

  • HashtagforLikes 
  • Kicksta
  • Tailwind
  • LeeTags
  • RiteTag
  • All Hashtag

Write Amazing Captions with an Instagram Caption Generator 

You have Instagram marketing tools for authors that suggest copy ideas and instant captions too. 

In book marketing, the caption is the heart of a post. 

A well-written caption can help you describe your post better and deliver more likes, shares, and comments, even website visits. 

While it may not be difficult for you to write a caption…because you are a writer, in case you are running out of ideas, AI-powered Instagram Caption Generator tools, such as or, can help you. 

Simply describe what you want to post about, and the tool will generate inspiring caption ideas. With a little tweak and edit, you can create your caption in a few seconds. 

Note: Once you have generated a few captions, experiment on the following three elements to determine what best works for you – word count, emojis, and hashtags. 

While there is no right or wrong word count for Instagram captions, authors should aim for 1000 characters or above. Studies have found that longer captions have better engagement rates for creative brands and shorter captions for product & service sectors. 

Schedule Your Posts for the Entire Month with a Scheduler

Posting content regularly with great images, captions, and hashtags at the right hour is a great Instagram book marketing strategy. 

But do you often forget to share your reels, posts, and stories at prime time?

Do you often miss out on the golden window?

Or do you forget to share posts altogether due to your busy schedule?

Try Buffer, Tailwind, or SocialPilot.

Set up your account in one of the above Scheduling tools, and all you need to do is write the caption, upload the images or videos, add the hashtags, and you are done. 

The tools offer different options, such as share now, schedule later, or share next.

You can also tag friends and collaborators in your posts when scheduling them. 

SocialPilot allows you to schedule upto 500 Instagram posts in advance.

Create Engaging Posts, Stories, and Reels for the Entire Month

And our vote goes to Canva. 

Canva is our the most favorite graphic designing tool, and we have spoken enough about it in many of our blogs.  

You can read about Canva here, here, and here.

However, it is also an epic Instagram book marketing tool for authors that allows you to create stunning posts, reels, and stories for an entire month. 

  • Creating a batch of visually appealing content at one go can ease your time in completing other works. 
  • Canva allows you to choose a template for each day for different social media platforms besides Instagram.
  • You can also customize the template with your brand color and font.
  • Create content based on different pre-defined themes, such as Motivational Mondays, Funny Tuesdays, Book Discussion Wednesdays, and so on. You can also theme your weeks.
  • Schedule your posts directly from the Canva app. But if you prefer a different scheduling app, you can download all the content in one go or a few at a time. 
  • The Page Manager allows you to view and manage all your Canva creations from a single space. 

Note: To access all the features and functionalities of the Canva Instagram Marketing Tool for Authors, log in through your desktop browser. 

Integrate All Your URLs into One Place with an URL Link Tool

As we all know, Instagram has all but one slot to add a website link.

But in order to boost traffic from your Instagram posts, you need to mention in your posts that the users can find a link in the bio.

But how do you redirect your followers to different links in the bio? You can either choose a link to your blog site, homepage, or book sales page or change it every time you post something new.


Use a Multiple Link Tool for Instagram, like the LinkTree or LinkBio. You can set up all your URLs in LinkTree, and when people click on the Instagram bio’s link, they will see the pages you have added. 

For example, you can view Chef Ranveer’s huge link on his Instagram account here.

Wrapping Up

Instagram constantly evolves with new features to support authors and book publishing platforms. 

That’s why you need Instagram Marketing Tools for Authors that also evolve to help you make the most of your book marketing efforts on the platform. 

Now that you have the tools recommended by our experts, we hope you achieve your Instagram book marketing goals much easier than you had perceived. 

P.S. We are also on Instagram. 

If you have any questions about book publishing, reach us on DM, and ask away anything.

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