Why Do You Need an Author Website Before Self-Publishing a Book?

If you are a writer, you have probably wondered whether you need an author’s website before self-publishing a book. As a book publishing company, we know what it’s like to be an author, but we can also tell what websites can do for authors. The world is turning digital, and a website is the foundation of any digital activity. It can showcase your books, connect you with your readers, improve reader engagement, and sell more books. This blog discusses the reasons why authors need a website today. 

You Want a Website Even Before Your Sell Your Book

If you ask us, we will say yes; a website can be the most powerful marketing and sales tool if used effectively. No matter what kind of book you publish or how you choose to publish it, you need a website, now more than ever. However, the advantages double for non-fiction and self-publishing authors. Two of the top-of-the-head reasons that we thought of are:

Non-fiction authors can get great book deals because of the content on their website (like blogs, showcased research work, projects, and media appearances)

For self-publishing authors, a website is a direct point of communication with their readers. Websites are also one of the best marketing and PR channels. 

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That said, if you feel that you don’t require a website because your book is published by a reputed publisher and that you are free from all PR obligations, you might be incorrect. Publishers do not stretch their budget a lot on marketing and publicity these days unless you pay them. So, creating your own website from a dedicated website development company for authors is ideal. 

Why Must Authors Have a Website Moving Forward?

You must understand marketing and make it more than just a small part of the book publishing process. The wheel of book marketing has five phases: Discovery, appeal, sales, engagement/relationship, and retention.

A website is right in the center of the wheel, powering each phase to run its course effectively. The main pros or reasons for having an author website are as follows:

Benefit #1: A Website Is the Face of Your Brand 

As an author, you are a complete brand, and your books are your products. Whether you are writing a novel or publishing a thesis, publishers and readers need to know who you are, what your background is, what you offer, and what else you can offer. They look at your website to get these answers. A letter or an electronic sheet isn’t enough today. People are looking for a digital approach that is at a hand’s reach. You give them that through your website. Also, a website is your business card in motion. 

Benefit #2: It Makes it Easy for Readers to Find You and Your Book

Your website provides the ‘home base’ for everything related to your book and services. We know that search engines control a lot of things today. Meaning readers’ choices are practically influenced by the search engines. Do you want to find out how to write a book? Type it on Google search and get your answer. Want to read the books of the top 5 science-fiction authors? Google up!! Likewise, if your readers search for the latest high-school romance book and it’s what you have recently published, Google will prioritize your book if it finds a webpage about it. 

If a local journalist or newspaper is looking for a fiction author, don’t you want to find them? All these are possible when you have a website up and running. 

You may argue that social media posts, videos, and tweets can do the job just right. Unfortunately, they are controlled by stringent algorithms, and it would be very tough to find you unless you follow the rules and engage wisely and frequently. 

So, we urge you to create a website with relevant content that Google and other search engines can easily pick up. 

Benefit #3: Websites Allow You to Create & Grow an Email List

An email from a favorite author can make a reader’s day. One of the greatest gifts you can gift your fans is a personal connection to you. And statistics show that authors sell more books through direct emails than any other marketing channel.  Besides, the only way to get the word out about your book is by building an email list. You develop your email list every time a reader signs up on your website or newsletter and enable the notification bell.

You can offer a lot of personalized content to generate more sales, such as discounted pre-order book prices, a free kindle version giveaway, a surprise gift with every purchase, a sneak peek at your next book, handwritten notes, freebies, and more. 

Benefit #4: A Blog Website Can be The Most Lucrative Marketing Tool

A website with a blog can do wonders for your brand and book. 

A blog site serves as evidence of your knowledge and experience in your genre, topic, industry, or subject. This is especially important for non-fiction authors, like academic, self-help, leadership, entrepreneurship, business, etc. Even if you don’t update your blog frequently, the content published can still help you establish your authority.

Blogs help you build your portfolio. Blogs allow you to practice your writing skill when you aren’t working on any book – it keeps your mind active and helps you to develop your writing style and voice. It also allows Google to push your website higher in the search ranking. While the reasons are complicated, let’s just say that Google appreciates brands that frequently upgrade their site with well-written content. 

Blogging helps you network with other authors, improve visibility, and make money. Someone who follows your blog posts will most likely buy your book. It increases your chances of selling m. Even if you are selling writing courses or other merchandizes, you can advertise your products and services through your blogs. 

Benefit #5: From Marketing to Building a Community, Websites Can Offer Much More

Create a ‘buy book’ page for your readers or a separate page with direct links to the many online stores or retailers where your books are available. Link your social media accounts and contact page for direct communication and a sneak peek at your personality. 

Track your engagement, conversion, and sales rate through analytics tools. Create and build a community with special ‘Members Only’ forum where you can conduct live book reading sessions, sell books at a lower price, and provide gift vouchers and other incentives for subscribed members. 

Contact Writat for the Least Expensive Way to Get Your Website

A website is the only place you have complete control over your work. While we recommend WordPress for free website creation, it is more often like renting a space on someone else’s website. A customized website for your book will be a prudent option if you want to make things sophisticated. Writat offers cost-effective website development solutions for authors with limited resources. We have a few great options that you’d love to explore. While no good website can repay for a poorly written book, it can surely sell and reward a well-written book. 

Focus on your work while we take care of your book publishing and website development needs.

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