Self-Publishing Trends of 2021 That Authors Must Know

2020 was an unpredictable year with more twists and turns in our personal and professional lives. One thing that keeps us all sane in these challenging times is a good book. Books have become a part of our lives during this quarantine period.

According to CNBC, book purchase during lockdown skyrocketed to a whopping 777% increase in 2020 and is predicted to continue in 2021 as well with the ongoing lockdown and remote working. Though the pandemic has hit the traditional bookselling hard, it has paved the way for self-published authors to focus on digital writing and publishing.

Here are some of the upcoming self-publishing trends

Increased EBook Readers and Online Subscriptions

EBooks have already attracted many readers into the digital age and self-publishing platforms have encouraged more aspiring authors.  Readership has grown to a whole new level in the past year and is expected to be the same this year as well. This is the best news to the self-publishing authors. With more number of readers preferring to read books online, online subscriptions to read the book in various self-publishing platforms is also on the rise.


Growth of Self-Published Audio books and Podcasts

Over the years, the trend of self-publishing audio books has increased. Book lovers prefer audio books because they can be heard in bed, in the kitchen, even at work. Some self-publishing authors consider publishing audio books along with their print or eBook as it is a great way to reach and engage readers who prefer a more sensory experience with the books.

Plagiarism – a Growing Problem

More and more self-publishing authors have found their work copied in recent years, and this still prevails. With the liberty of anyone able to publish a book on any self-publishing platform, plagiarists either copy the storyline, cast or the entire story or tweak it a little to make it look original. In such cases, it is tedious to detect plagiarism.

Key Focus on Author Platforms

In a crowded and constantly growing book market, authors without an established platform will have to struggle or in other words, they don’t have a clear path to succeed in the industry. The quality of your writing will not matter if readers do not have any reason to seek out your book. Even a great book cover and conventional marketing efforts will not be enough for the book to succeed if it doesn’t have an audience waiting or is ready to read the book.

To create a platform for yourself as an author, start writing small stories on fiction and share them on social media. Remember, even the first set of readers can turn out to be the people who could give positive reviews to your book.

Are You All Set to Publish Here?

No matter where the pandemic and lockdown this year takes us in the publishing industry, self-publishing assures that you always have control of your own story. 

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