How to Master Self-Publishing a Children’s Book?

Self-publishing companies have made it incredibly easy for children’s authors to publish picture books, comics, illustrations, and textbooks for kids in any language and format without much hassle. If you are working on a children’s book and want to learn the steps to book publishing, this blog outlines the perfect way to take your book from your computer to your little readers. 

Doable Children’s Book Publishing Steps

First of all, congratulations! Writing a children’s book is a great accomplishment because telling kids stories through books isn’t easy. And now that you have written it, it is time to present it to the world. Let’s read how. 

Decide Your Audience Before Writing 

Like any other book, pinpointing the children, you are writing for will help you plan the publishing better. Getting to know your audience (their likes, dislikes, habits, and minds) before writing will increase your book’s marketability percentage. Few questions to ponder:

  • The age of your audience?
  • Are you writing for girls or boys?
  • Is your target audience introverted or easy-going?
  • Do they have much free time or are they in school?
  • Will your book be read to your audience or read by your audience?

Bonus Point:

Talk to young parents or browse through books at local bookstores or even online to see what kind of books and stories children like today. Mommies and daddies will likely pick your book if it covers a similar subject or format. 

Understand the Book Publishing Process Steps

Publishing independently gives you two great perks: complete creative and copyright control of your book and 3X more royalty than traditional publishing. As a children’s book writer, these are exactly what you need. 

There are other advantages too:

  • Publish your book in all three formats (eBook, Paperback, Hardcover).
  • Publish in less than 30 minutes.
  • No one will demand you to change the illustration, story, or book title.
  • You can publish quickly and earn profit soon after the first sales. 
  • You don’t need a gatekeeper. 
  • You can publish in any language across the world. 

While there is no such thing as 100% good, and self-publishing a book requires complete dedication and effort, it is far more accessible, attractive, and affordable, with a good turnaround time.  

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Don’t Stray Too Far from the Market Convention When It Comes to the Book Type

Whether you choose self-publishing or hire a publishing agent, the type of book you write (category) will determine your next few steps (editing, formatting, marketing, and designing). We suggest not to stray away from the industry standards. For instance, a picture book or board book (kids 0 – 6 YO) should not exceed 1000 words. Similarly, for young readers (6-7 YO), limit the word count to 5000 words, while you can extend the count to 50K to 1L words for young adults (12 – 18 YO). 

Edit and Format Your Book Before Publishing

While children do not mind sloppy writing, their imaginations are vivid; so, it is important to create space in your book so that they can use their creativity. Your book’s pictures and illustrations should communicate with your little readers. Using appropriate words to support the illustrations and engage their curious mind is also important.

We highly suggest hiring a professional illustrator to create high-quality, interactive images and illustrations for your picture book. 

Writat- One of the Best self-publishing companies has a number of writer-friendly standalone book interior design solutions, starting at $199 only. You can hire a designer for cover design, illustrations, images, and book formatting and customize your requirement. 

Need additional help in book designing, marketing, and publishing? We can help you. Writat is one of the leading digital self publishing companies that offer incredible self-publishing features, tools, and benefits for children’s book authors worldwide. Read our service to know more. 


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