Publishing a Book Today – Is Self-Publishing Worth It?

Self-publishing is a wonderful book publishing option for millions. It makes book publishing online, centralized, easy, and affordable. A good book, which results from hard work, tireless writing, determination, and deliberation, shouldn’t be left unacknowledged or unpublished – just because it is unique or because the writer doesn’t have enough resources to publish it traditionally. 

Writing a book is hard, but publishing and distributing it is even harder. Every author deserves a platform to sell their book to its niche readers. 

And, self-publishing companies give you the platform to start your own journey as an author without the fear of rejection. 

  • Best book publishing companies, like Writat, offer free self-publishing services to encourage amateur writers to print and distribute their dream work. 
  • Self-publishing makes you the ship’s captain by offering you full creative control of your book. You get to decide what you want for your book and what you don’t. 
  • It doesn’t bypass the agent’s red tape. You don’t have to please anyone or take orders from someone. 
  • You also get 100% copyright ownership. What’s more? You earn 70% to 80% of the net profits compared to traditional publishing’s 10% royalty.
  • There is no language, region, or genre barrier in self-publishing. While publication houses only approve books with popular genres and languages, you can publish a poetry book in Tamil in Singapore via self-publishing, and no one will oppose it. 

So, all said and done, is self-publishing worth it? 

Is Self-Publishing Worth It?

It definitely is… 

The realization that you would enjoy full control of your work is incredible and worth it. You wouldn’t have to wait for permission, and it’s only you who would decide what to write, when to write, when to publish, and whom to target. You need not have to convince a gatekeeper that your book is worth reading and should reach a global market. 

Did you know many famous authors worldwide and their books were at one time self-published? Including EL James, Wayne Dyer, Mark Twain, Margaret Atwood, Jane Austin, and Stephen King?

Publishing has evolved over the centuries; the internet and digital technology have successfully revolutionized many sectors, including publishing. Example: Amazon Book publishing.  

What was deemed a way-out for underprivileged writers has become the easiest-to-implement and rewarding publishing option for authors worldwide. 

In fact, to save time and cost, many authors combine the services of a self-publishing platform and customized publishing services (hiring freelance editors, cover designers, and marketing experts) instead of going through the expensive traditional way.  

The self-publishing market has grown by over $1 billion.

The best part about this is you can set your budget and decide the cost of publishing your book.

Here’s a small example of the total earnings of a self-publisher vs. a traditional publisher:

Here’s a small example of the total earnings of a self-publisher vs. a traditional publisher:

Self-Publishing IncomeTraditional Publishing Income
MRP of the Book: $21.99
Royalty Rate at Writat: 80%
Income Per Book: $8.07
Copies Sold: 1000 
Total Earnings: $8070
MRP of the Book: $21.99
Royalty Rate at XYZ Publisher: 10%
Income Per Book: $3.56
Copies Sold: 1000 
Total Earnings: $3560

Affordable Customization Options 

Self-publishing is cheaper and customizable. This means you can self-publish your book for free and pay only for a specific service instead of paying for an entire package. 

For instance, if you choose Writat self-publishing, you can tailor your book publishing plan based on your requirement. Have trouble marketing your book? Book our digital marketing solution. Not good at graphic designing? Hire our professional to format and design your book interior and cover; Need an editor? You can simply choose to work with an editor.


Writat’s Self-Publishing CustomizationTraditional Publishing Package
Publishing Cost: FreeBook Marketing: $300Designing: $00.00 (DIY)Editing and Formatting: $00.00 (DIY)Distribution: Free Total Expense: $300Total Package Cost: $1999Inclusive of Designing, Book Marketing, Editing and Formatting and Distribution.   Total Expense: $1999

And if this is not good enough evidence, then what is? 


Road to Self-Publishing is Much Easier 

The road to publishing a book through self-publishing is straightforward, while the road in traditional publishing can often lead to dead ends. Self-publishing will change your perspective and make you an entrepreneur.

Steps for Publishing a Book BookSelf-Publishing Traditional-Publishing
Step 1Write a book.Write a book.
Step 2Edit, format, and design your book.Submit to a publisher or a publishing company
Step 3Sign-up at Writat.Hope that publisher accepts the book. 
Step 4Start publishing your bookDiscuss the terms and sign a contract.
Step 5Market your book.Publisher takes control of your book and gets it ready.
Step 6Sell via Print on Demand and earn 80% of the profits in less than 6 weeks.Book is edited, cover is designed, and interior is formatted.
Step 7Book is published and distributed in 4 to 6 months. 
Step 8Book is marketed and sold. 
Step 9Earn 10% of the royalties.

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