The Best Way to Overcome Writer’s Block and Stay Motivated

Have you ever stared at your computer screen for days, and literally nothing came out – no idea, no story, and no theme? Ever felt a paralyzing fear about your career or your book that made writing difficult?

Writer’s block is real; you aren’t alone if you are going through this. 

Being in the self-publishing industry, our bloggers and editors often struggle with writer’s block.  The fact is, every writer, whether she is a journalist, a copywriter, or an author, faces writer’s block at some point in their publishing career. 

What Causes Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block is a common phenomenon, often termed creative block or creative constipation. It is triggered by various internal factors, such as:

  • Fear of failure or rejection 
  • Self-doubt 
  • illness
  • perfectionism
  • Frustration
  • Dread
  • Anger

And several external factors, like:

  • Noises and interruptions
  • Bills and expenses
  • Dull surroundings
  • Deadlines
  • Even the plot 

The causes vary with each writer.  However, after an extensive study, researchers from Yale University concluded the four main triggers to be Anger, Anxiety, Comparison, and Lack of Interest. 

Many participants in the Yale study also felt constrained by the Book Publishing rules that restricted their creative sparks. 

That said, there’s always a way to overcome this problem. So, without waiting for inspiration, will yourself out of this mental stupor with our effective ways to overcome writer’s block. 

Meanwhile, if you need steps for self-publishing a book that allows you full creative control, you can check our process here

Best Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block 

It is remarkable how little changes can make a huge difference in your book publishing career. Here are a few ways that can help you cure your muse deficiency.

Take a Good, Refreshing Break

A nice break can lift the fog from your mind. Do something you generally don’t do and return to your workstation after a week (or month) with a fresh and clear mind. 

Even something as simple as joining a guitar or drawing class, eating at a new restaurant, and taking a different route for your morning jog can do wonders for your creative mind. 

Traveling to places or practicing something new can be a real eye-opener. You will meet new people, observe new things, and escape your mundane situation.  

Few Refreshing Breaks that Worked for Our Team:

  • Changed the drink 
  • Joined yoga and gym
  • Started exercising and cycling
  • Went for a long inexpensive holiday 
  • Found a new hobby, painting, badminton, music etc. 
  • Cooked new dishes
  • Practiced a new language 
  • Stayed away from home/workstation for a week

De-clutter Your Space

Writers often cramp up their workstations or room with too many things, like books, notes, pens, reference materials, etc. If this is how you work, decluttering and spring-cleaning your room might help clear your Writer’s block. 

Decluttering your space is a useful technique to clear your mind and invite fresh ideas and thoughts. 

However, we know many artists who like things around them a bit messy. If you are one of them, by all means, don’t change a thing. 

But saying that, breaking a habit or routine, such as seeing a clean room, folded laundry, crisp bedspread, and a tidy workspace, actually gives clarity of thought.

Alternatively, try shaking things up a bit or rearranging your messy room into a different mess. This can rekindle your creativity and spark new storylines, characters, or themes. 

The temperature and noise also trigger unpleasant brain activities. If you are constantly uncomfortable in a space, you will be distracted often, making writing harder. 

In that case, change the music, turn on the AC or heater, ventilate your room, or take a shower. 

Write Random Stuff (Free Write or New Genre)

If you are stuck at a scene or chapter or not sure how to take a certain episode forward, jump ahead and write stuff without knowing where they fit. 

For instance, you can write the climax first, a romantic scene, or introduce a new character randomly. Avoid areas of difficulty. But don’t stop writing. Don’t worry about grammar, punctuation, structure, spelling etc.

If nothing inspires you, write something different – a poem, short story, or a new genre. Switching up your writing genre is almost like being “on a break” from your typical writing style. 

Interpret the world differently. If you are a historical romance author, try writing a contemporary supernatural romance. 

Alternatively, you can also write the same book in a different style. 

Read. Read. Read. 

Reading is the best therapy for authors, believe it or not. Read and be inspired by your favorite author.  Otherwise, try something extremely different than your usual choices. Even if you don’t have a book around, try reading blogs or articles. 

This will take you back to your zone in no time and motivate you to release your creative thoughts. 

The true inspiration for many authors is their own heroes. However, for starters, you can visit our blog site for help. Our articles guide self-publishing and offer insights into publishing, writing, marketing, and more. 

Get Help from Writing Prompts 

Writing prompts help you improve your craft, develop ideas, characters, and stories, and even win awards while overcoming writer’s block. 

It is like accepting a challenge. And this competitive spirit can help you get going. Writing prompts help you look out for inspiration instead of looking within. 

Reddit offers excellent Writing Prompts to start with. You can also leverage the creativity of AI-based language models such as ChatGPT to generate interesting prompts. 

Read our blog to learn how to find ideas for your book with AI tools

Watch Your Favorite Show 

Do something absolutely mundane, like watching a show or short story on Netflix or Hulu while eating chips.

Shows and short films provide new perspectives on different themes and stories, such as new ways to emote, think, converse, or find closure. 

If it works for you, try to write a different ending for the short film or series you just watched. Or introduce a new character that would change the course of the plot. 

You can also quickly outline the series and expand the story with your thoughts, characters, and plot twists.  

And what happens in the end? Your way out of writer’s block. 

Exercise to Secrete Happy Hormones 

Exercising secrete endorphins, which improve productivity and energy. Working out also releases positive hormones that expand creativity. 

Exercising doesn’t mean you have to do HIIT or Pilates. You can start with basic brisk walking for half an hour or light Yoga like Surya Namaskar or anything that activates your core muscles and get your blood pumping. 

You can pick something easy, like stretching or walking your dog in the park. Physical activity will keep your mind in a state of motion. 

And if everything fails, pamper yourself with fine dining and wine. While we don’t promote alcohol consumption, cocktails or tequila shorts will certainly help loosen the tension behind the neck. 

If you want more such useful tips on self-publishing a book, writing exercises, and marketing guides, follow us. Writat is one of the best self-publishing platforms in the USA and India that has supported hundreds of authors in the past decade to fulfill their dreams. 

You can be the next one. Cure your writer’s block and start writing. Your readers are waiting for a new story from you. 

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