How to Publish a Book on Short Stories?


If you have written a good number of short stories, we have a few great options to publish your collection into a book. Many online book publishing companies are offering the freedom of creativity and copyright control, along with all the goodness of the traditional publishing process, to unpublished authors. This blog will walk you through the steps to publishing short stories.

Short stories are primarily a condensed version of a novel, covering all its elements, like protagonists, antagonists, plots, subplots, and climaxes. Novella, children’s comics, lyrical fiction, and flash fictions are popular types of short-stories 

Digital book publishing companies, like Writat, have brought about different ways and platforms for new writers and established authors to get their short story books published worldwide. 

Do Short-Stories Sell?

Yes, they do. While most publication agents prefer full-length novels, the world has around 8 billion people. Even if we consider that only 1% of them read the kind of stories you write, you have a target audience of eighty million. With the right publishing strategy and distribution channels, you can reach every one of your readers. Isn’t that something?

Besides, today there are a million ways to promote books online, such as press releases and social media marketing. All you have to do is ensure that your stories are nicely written, appeal to the target audience, and are priced moderately. 

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Great Ways to Publish a Short Story Collection

Four trending options if you are looking for a different publishing route for your short story, audio podcast, digital contests and magazinesself-publishing, and the traditional route.

Win a Short Story Contest / Submit to Popular Online Magazines 

Many organizations, brands, influencers, and emagazines regularly run contests for short stories. Most of these contests reward the winner generously in the form of cash rewards and by giving them a break by publishing their stories in magazines, newspapers, and other literary journals. It is a long shot but a good free book publishing option. 

Approaching a Traditional Publication House

You can try submitting your manuscripts to literary agents from different traditional publishing companies and then hope for selection. However, there are a few disadvantages to the traditional publishing method. Unfortunately, there aren’t many publishers looking for short stories. The process is long; you may have to wait for several months before getting published. Your short stories (if not all, but at least a couple of them) could be rejected. 

Self-Publishing a Book

Fear of rejection is the most recurring feeling when writers set out to publish their short story collections. But self-publishing is a happy dance. It is the sure-shot – easy, less expensive, and gives writers complete creative and copyright control with all the benefits and features of traditional publishing. You have the freedom to write and publish what you wish without worrying about rejection or the publisher’s control. Self-publishing short story collection has a greater success rate than traditional publishing. 

Launch Your Stories as a Podcast

As you are aware, audio podcasts are growing incredibly popular these days. A Google search will reveal the names of the podcasts that offer short story reading. You can try your luck by submitting to these free publishing websites and hope for the best. 

The benefits of publishing your short stories are very good, including exposure to the publishing world, more networking opportunities, increased chances of being noticed by big publishing houses, and the opportunity to be nominated for literary awards. Self-publishing in India is growing in popularity. Our best recommendation is, to use this means to expand your readership base for free. 


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