New Releases by Writat, a book on Life’s Journey presents “Unstoppable Miracles” an inspiring story by a 22-year-old student.

If there is one thing in this world, it is the personality, the courage, and the dream. It is said that life is meaningless unless you make your dreams come true by creating some stress in life. Just as there is a moment in our lives when there is no salt in our food, if a person does not fulfil his dream, he will not be recognized for it. It is easy to be a cricketer with a bat in one’s hand, but it is just as difficult to enter the battlefield and be a great player in front of the world. And the world wants your result, not your hard work. As long as you do not present the proof of your dreams to the world, they cannot be said to be fulfilled. And the day you are satisfied with your mind, you will realize your dreams come true. The dream has been fulfilled in front of everyone since childhood. And a new subject in my life, a new chapter has started through a writer. When your dream is big, you are not alone. But give your dream for a while in your life and try to follow it diligently.

Meet the Author

Shreyas Ghadge, a 22 years old, civil engineer, graduated from YCCE College of Engineering. This is his second book on his life. He desires to reach out to the people through these books. As a student of civil engineering, some threads in his life have to be tied to something, which has been expressed in words from time to time with the help of specific knots. Changes in the whole approach are presented in this book.

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