How to Self-Publish a Fiction Book?

Befriend a book, and you will never feel lonely again. Nothing can be a better companion than a brilliantly written fiction book. Fictions have the power to make your travel time, live in another world, explore another century, fall in love or grow out of it, and make you a better person – without having to move an inch from your place. Writing a captivating story that propels readers’ imaginations is a huge achievement in itself. If you have written fiction, bravo!! It really deserves to be read. So, pat your back and start working on the next step – figuring out how to publish a fiction book. Today’s digital world has made book publishing quite easy, convenient, centralized, and affordable. 

This blog will discuss the steps to publishing a fiction book. We will also talk about the best book publishing companies for you and how to self-publish a book within your budget. 

Steps to Self-Publish a Fiction Book in Budget

Choosing Your Publishing Option

As a modern-day writer, you have quite a few book-publishing options. However, almost all of them are split into two categories – Traditional Book Publishing companies vs. Self-Publishing platforms. Both are great choices depending upon your ultimate goal, budget, and preferences. 

If you choose to self-publish your fiction book, you would further want to figure out the best self-publishing companies that offer the most number of benefits.

If you want to traditionally publish your fiction, you might want to figure out the budget, book publisher vs. press, time to publish, and other factors. 

Before you decide, read our takeaway on self-publishing vs. traditional publishing

Regardless of how you publish your book, the next few steps are very important for all authors.

Editing and Proofreading Your Manuscript

Thorough editing of your story is one of the keys to a happy and satisfied reader. Whether self-publishing or going through an agency, editing is the foremost step. Our experts advise the following:

  • Don’t edit your book as you write. Wait till the end.
  • Wait for a week or more before you start editing. It will clear your writer’s head and give you fresh eyes and a viewpoint that requires editing.
  • Read the whole book and take notes. Few things that need to be in sync – characters’ personality, plot, structure, scene play, dialogues, and interactions. 
  • Edit at least 2 – 3 times before your final draft is ready. Take your time for editing. 
  • If you are facing a mental block, read your book aloud. 

If editing is too overwhelming, you can hire a freelance professional editor who will iron out your draft. They generally take care of every detail and offer an eagle-eye view of your book. 

Coming Up with a Sensational Title 

A sensational title will attract your readers instantly. You may have already selected your book’s title, but there’s always a scope for a better one based on how your story unfolds. You must nail your title and make it viral and appealing. 

  • Don’t copy someone else’s title. 
  • Make it intriguing (Example: The Duke in Miranda Blake’s Secret Diary vs. Miranda Blake and the Duke)
  • Keep it short and easy to remember.
  • It should represent your genre. 

Formatting Your Book Professionally 

Book formatting (book interior designing) comprises organizing the chapters and headings, numbering the pages, adding apt font size and style, illustration, and text and paragraph alignment. If you want to make a good impression, a professionally-formatted book will get you on the spot. So, whether you’re self-publishing your book or have hired a publishing agent, don’t forget this step. 

If you’re apprehensive about book formatting, you can choose our budget-friendly stand-alone book interior designing service hereWe also have manuscript-formatted templates on our self-publishing platform that simplify file uploading

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Creating an Amazing Book Cover Design

Fiction books require scintillating book cover designs to pique readers’ imaginations. Cover designs also provide the first impression of your work – tell your readers that this book is written for them. If you plan to traditionally publish, your publisher will handle this process. 

If you choose to self-publish your book, you have 3 options:

  1. Create a book cover by yourself
  2. Choose one from our FREE book cover library 
  3. Select our stand-alone book cover design solution here

Must Read: What our experts ask us to Do and Not to Do for Book Cover Designing

Writing Book Description and MetaData for Marketing 

No matter how great your book is, it needs to reach your niche audience. The book description and metadata are two major factors that will bring readers to your book. It is important to write a description that sells, particularly when it’s fiction. We have a few helpful resources for this. We suggest reading them before optimizing your meta description, keywords, and data for self-publishing fiction.

Few Exclusive Tips:

  • Hook your readers with your headline.
  • Write the plot but give readers space to contemplate and want more.
  • Introduce the characters properly.
  • Use the right keywords and phrases that readers might use to search your book. This is important for self-publishing and eBook publishing. 

Read our guidelines for optimizing meta description:

  1. How to Write a Book Description that Sells
  2. Optimizing Book Meta Data
  3. Importance of Meta Data

Publishing Your Book

You will be glad to know that the process of self-publishing a book online is actually pretty easy. In fact, if all materials are ready, it will take less than 30 minutes to publish fiction with Writat – One of the largest book publishing companies globally


Writat offers amazing self-publishing benefits for authors with 80% or more of the profit share. You can distribute your book in 80+ countries across 40K marketplaces – FREE of cost.

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Publishing a book is as crucial as launching a start-up, but it shouldn’t be as enormous or tedious with modern solutions. While we can’t decide for you, we can, however, provide you with cost-effective solutions to publish your book, starting with a completely free option to publish, print, and sell your book in less than 30 minutes. 

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