How to Become a Self-Published Author – Few Tried and Tested Strategies

How to Become a Self-Publishing Author

Self-publishing has proven to be a viable option for authors who would prefer having control over how and when they like to give their books into the hands of the readers. One might think, online book publishing is as simple as uploading an edited or unedited manuscript and creating a cover that may suit the storyline using free templates available. But this is not the best way to begin your journey as a successful author. If you have decided to become a self-published author, know that you are responsible for all the aspects of the book you are publishing, right from editing, formatting and designing the book cover to marketing and distributing. While it is true that you are responsible for all of these, it doesn’t mean you will have to do every single task by yourself. You could always partner with a trusted self-publishing platform that caters to all aspects of book publishing and printed and become successful across seven continents.

Tested and Proven Strategies to Become a Self-publishing Author

Are you an aspiring author looking for publishing your book on your own?

Let’s talk about the proven tips to become a self-publishing author.

Create a Strong Social Media Presence

You have written the best novel known to mankind. But, how are you going to let people know that you have a treasure for book lovers? Without a strong presence in social media, you will not be able to get your book into anyone’s hands.  It is very important to market and builds an author platform and it is one of the foremost duties of any author. Presence is not just having an account or page in social media, but to connect and build a public network that has prospective readers so that they, later on, become your loyal readers one day. Before you market your book, market yourself as an author.

Polish Your Draft before Book Publishing

Never have a wrong notion that your first draft is flawless because it’s not. If you have decided to self-publish your book then ensure that your draft is revised and your manuscript is made better. A book almost goes through as many rounds of revisions as possible before making it to print in the publishing industry. As a self-publishing author, you need to set that standard in self-publishing mode as well. You can always do this by hiring a professional editor who can assist you to work through the problems you may have missed.

Print Your Book and Proofread

Now that your book is formatted with all the necessary details including title page, copyright page, table of contents, special dedication, acknowledgements, about the author, and prologue, the last step is to create a print-ready file.  Imagine how devastating it would be to spend all your time formatting the pages to look just right only for you; whereas the proof copy you received in the mail has the formatting all messed up? Nobody would want that right? How much ever skilled you are at spellings and grammar, you will still need a professional editor to find and rectify your errors. Hire a copy editor who pays attention to your book, line-by-line to look for errors in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure etc. You can also partner with online service providers.

People Do Judge a Book by Its Cover

Gone are the days when people didn’t judge a book by its cover, but now plenty of readers do judge a book by its cover. The cover design is the very first thing that people see about your book and is one of the deciding factors in picking it up or passing on it.  If graphic designing is not your cup of tea, then ensure that you hire designing experts who can create a book cover that depicts the story in image form. Create a cover that converts. At Writat, we offer 500+ unique design templates to make your work easy. All are free to use.

Select a Route to Self-publishing Your Book

Bringing to you Writat – a platform that allows aspiring authors to self-publish their work as a printed book in hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats. We at Writat, list your book across various platforms online for selling. Books published at Writat are sold across the globe in more than 80 countries. We are associated with more than 40,000 retailers, booksellers, library suppliers and online sellers to ensure that your book has its reach.

Free Self – Publishing in Writat: Step-by-Step Procedures to be Followed

Step 1: Register for free on

Step 2: Download a template to write your work

Step 3: Copy-paste your book on the selected template

Step 4: Upload your book’s final PDF files on the author’s dashboard

Step 5: Choose a unique cover that suits your book from our gallery that has more than 500 unique designs

Step 6: Publish Your Book

The Happily Ever After!

Now you are a self-published author and there is no more turning back. If you are dedicated to your stories and are all set to let the world know your skills, sign up for free on Writat now!

What do you think? Have you tried self-publishing before and what worked for you?

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